Return to your natural state.

ReTribe is a vibrant community gathering people in search of a Physical Reality that is filled with conscious living and practices that encourage and support a deeper self-inquiry.


Our community gathers like-minded souls searching together for a better alignment and connection with people and with nature.  

We bring together ideas and interests, we exchange skills for self-development and self-inquiry, we embrace alternative interests like movement and meditation. This allows the seeker within each of us to start recognizing a more meaningful reality. 


We offer events that support and promote self-exploration, connection, and learning, through spiritual and physical practices, exposure to dynamic and creative teachers, and embraces like-minded souls in their pursuit of more mindful living. 

By creating a safe space to play and be present, we are providing a home for people to unselfconsciously connect with a deeper and fuller sense of self, and move closer to the natural state of being.

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