About ReTribe.

ReTribe is looking to create a new social fabric of reality that incorporates higher consciences of living. Recreation connects body, mind and soul through a wide variety of activities and practices like breathing, movement, meditation, verbal and non-verbal communication.

1 Ethos.
2 Roots.
3 Practice Together.


* Reverence of the Divine.
* Respect of Nature.
* Embodied Practices and Cultivation of Mindfulness.

We create a safe space that supports and promotes self-exploration, connection, and learning, through spiritual and physical practices, exposure to dynamic and creative teachers, and embraces like-minded souls in their pursuit of more mindful living. 

Modern life offers few options for recreation that also provide an opportunity to establish connections and have experiences outside normal social constructs.  In day-to-day life, we eat, drink, work, and make small talk.  But, most of our recreational activities tend to take place in a commercial setting or are driven by commercial interests.  There is a deep-rooted human need for conscious connections, but very few safe environments to take part in activities that focus on more present and natural reality.  



Each of us is on a personal journey, millions of interactions crisscrossing countless times as they weave the tapestry of our lives. By simple coincidence, or perhaps divine intervention, a small group of likeminded souls found themselves searching together for a creative space that would speak to a deep desire for alignment and connection in a world that often feels just a bit off kilter.  

At first by bringing together ideas and interests, exchanging skills of self-development and self-inquiry, embracing alternative interests like movement and meditation, the seeker within each of us began to recognise a more meaningful reality.  By creating a safe space of growth and constant play, a natural environment of joy emerged, revealing glimpses of spiritual connectedness and a more conscious life. It felt effortless and delightful and we asked ourselves a very simple question. 

Why can’t we live like this all the time?

Practice Together.

Practice Together.

At times we all experience insight or deep understanding, moments of profound inner connection, or heightened clarity of purpose. Each of us achieves these states and perceptions through different practices and at different times in our journey.  Whether we are practicing yoga, meditating, making music, challenging ourselves with breath work, or deep into a physical movement, more often than not these moments of self-development are forgotten or lost.

Our natural joy for sharing new insights plays tug-of-war with internal thoughts of being judged or not fitting in.  In the same way that holding your breath can restrict physical movement, stifling your natural desire to connect with others can restrict our ability to get in touch with the creative life forces that live in all of us.  ReTribe seeks to provide a natural and gratifying space to share these special insights with curious like-minded souls, be it deep and hard-earned wisdom or simple and sweet passing inspiration.