ReTribe Introduction Part 1

Part 1

This past year has been unusual and often full of challenges that seem to come from every direction. And yet, in the face of all this uncertainty, ReTribe has not only flourished, it has become important to me in ways that I had not imagined. 

Connection, extended family, home, a place to be heard and seen, a place to listen, a community that encourages you to be brave, to leave your judgments behind, to see yourself as capable, to be present, a place to let go of your own burdens and instead think about helping someone else carry theirs. This past year has truly been one of the most incredible years of my life and it’s because of the ReTribe community that has been there beside me as my partner every step of the way.  

I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out and encourage you all to face your fears and embrace this community of love and respect as much as I have.

Please take this next year as an opportunity to become leaders in this community, to embrace your inner child, to reach out and connect with your ReTribe family. 

A few things I wanted to add that I feel are important enough to note.

Be Creator.

Show Initiative. Don’t wait. Your time is now. The beginning of this journey starts here and now. There is enormous power in each of us. Be the change and bring it to the community. Take personal responsibility for healing yourself and sharing your gifts and your journey with others.

We all benefited enormously from the ReTribe energy this year. The more the community grows the more joyful I am and it’s clearer and clearer that I need to share it with the people I love and care about who are ready to receive these gifts.

It’s challenging to create this journey on your own. Doubts, confusion, judgment and self-criticism will hold you back.

But no more – the proof is right in front of you. Here is the safe place, here are the people, here is the community and support.

It’s time to step up and create. Bring ideas of conscience expansion. Ideas that come from a place of a loving heart belong in the community. Share your gifts. Selfless sharing, caring for the sake of humanity rather than personal benefit, and be rewarded a thousand times over by the joy and support you receive in return.  Share your visions of growth and mutual support. 

If you practice, invite people to practice with you.

If you mediate, share your wisdom with others and sit together. If you eat – share your table with people that you practice with. None of this has to be done on a ReTribe stage. Use ReTribe to develop deep wells of love and community and then allow it to spill over into the rest of your life.

Create your own stage. Stand up and be noticed. Be a driving force, be the conduit for whatever thoughts, magic, skills, or conversation you have inside you. And in doing so, make your journey an example for once, show yourself and your community what is possible. IT IS POSSIBLE.  Look back at what we accomplished in 2020 – it’s possible to live, prosper, stay grounded and joyful despite all the endless drama, struggle and pollution. It’s possible.

Will they judge you, laugh at you, think you are mad or uninformed? Some will, its true, BUT you will have hundreds of people behind you, supporting you, validating your ideas, words and actions. Hundreds people that will see you for who you really are!

We are all right here.  Right now.

Look around you. See all these wonderful people who will help you to complete your idea, execute your vision, people who will be the audience, advisors, and partners on this journey.

Don’t be a passenger in your own life.  Be a driver. Be an instigator. Start with yourself. Create self-practice. Share practice with others. Make a practice part of your Life.

In Loving service,


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