ReTribe Introduction Part 3

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do. – Steve Jobs

With each new gathering or practice it becomes more and more clear that what started out as a loose collection of ideas has lit a bonfire of initiative and regenerative inspiration,sparking an outpouring of love and support for conscious living in Hong Kong. Our collective voice of connection, remembering, creativity, and inspiration has become a ReTribe call to arms. And this collective voice of energy and flow can be as transcendent as we allow it to be.

As an individual, we are each encouraged and supported to reach deep within ourselves and explore what we uncover. As a community, we are able to come together to share the magic and presence we experience. And as a part of a global movement, we are connected with every other spirit and community around the world in the pursuit of a more regenerative and conscious life.

Moreover, if you take the time to look around at what is going on in the world, it’s clear that change is in the air. There is a global renaissance happening all around us. Humanity is being pushed, pulled, cajoled, dragged kicking and screaming into a future that is more connected and less isolated. Despite the best efforts of a political and financial system stuck in its own rigidity and lack of understanding, our collective effort to remember the wisdom of the earth is working! ReTribe is both a part of this global wave of consciousness and, at least in Hong Kong, working hard to help lead the way.

As the natural growth of ReTribe has accelerated, we have started to think about what structure and platform will best support our goals of connection and community. Often it feels far more inspiring to think about where we want to end up, and bask in the bright light at the end of the tunnel, but more challenging to think about the tools we may need to get there.

The current social and economic models are set up to incentivise behaviour that is misaligned with the type of community we all want to create. Life in the matrix often feels like a zero-sum game of haves and have nots, all of us encouraged to spend our time in concrete boxes trying to earn as much money as we can so that we can build more walls and be more isolated. The question we asked ourselves was this: How do we recognize the need for a system that allows us to show appreciation for contributions to the community while maintaining the authenticity of our collective intentions?

To put this another way, sometimes people gotta be paid, and events cost money, and teachers should be compensated…but charging HK 100 for a sunrise hike doesn’t feel right. We need a better tool that allows us to direct value and show appreciation for things like mindfulness, or a teacher’s time, or the contribution of an organizer. So what do we do?

As we looked around at other communities and what tools are available to us, one in particular stood out. SEEDS. Seeds was launched a couple years ago by some deep thinking, super smart, conscious living, world changing, spiritual gangsters who decided to take matters into their own hands. They set out to create a completely decentralized platform for: Sowing ecological, equitable and decentralized societies, to create a conscious currency for regenerative and thriving global cultures, and as a payment platform and financial ecosystem to empower humanity and heal our planet. I know it’s a mouthful. But the basic tenant is that SEEDS is a digital currency (at the moment it has a very small monetary value and one seed is equal to .02 US cents) that communities, like ours all around the world, are using for sharing gifts and offering payment and appreciation within their own communities.

SEEDS isn’t just a better way to pay. It’s a digital currency that serves, rewards and finances the people and organisations committed to creating a healthier and more equitable planet.

The SEEDS app provides a digital wallet that is user friendly and encourages participation, and has a robust platform, purpose built to explain what is going on and how people are using SEEDS to connect with each other.

We are including a link here and encourage all of you to check it out. Take an hour and read up on what these people are working on. While we can’t promise that this is the future of currency and the answer to all our questions, I guarantee you that an hour spent reading up on what is going on will be well spent. Conscious communities all around the world are coming together in support of a more connected way of life, and ReTribe is an important member of this global movement.

The app facilitates a digital wallet and payment transfer just like a normal digital currency. If we like what we see, if it works, if we feel like the introduction of SEEDS supports ReTribe’s growth and allows us to connect with other communities…SUCESS! If the experiment fails, we will have continued to forge our own path and explore new ideas as we work hard to create a system for sharing the energy and natural wonder we all experience every time we get together…also SUCCESS!

So how do we get started? ReTribe has applied for a “grant” from the SEED community. If awarded we will be given an allocation of SEEDS for free to get us started. If the grant is successful those SEEDS will then be distributed to the ReTribe community for free to use as we like. This process takes around a month and we will know the results of the application by the end of Feb.

There are of course inherent risks in trying to adopt a new system or unproven tools that have never really been used before. It might all simply be an experiment in mindfulness that goes absolutely nowhere. Even so, if we are going to have a lasting positive impact on the world we live in, we had better start with what we know: with ourselves, with our practice, with our community, and with a willingness to try and connect with all the other like-minded spirits around the world.

Please do basic due diligence for yourself…

We will set up an early adopters What’sAp group for anyone who wants to join the SEEDS & ReTribe initiative, play with App, and bring ideas of integration. If you would like to be part of this group and actively contribute pls PM.

Check out the SEEDS Library!

Everything you need in one doc:
Seeds Ecosystem Resources

In Loving Service,

Gilly & Dima

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