ReTribe Introduction Part 5

New Cycle

We have navigated through 2020 and need to redefine and sharpen our strategy for the next leg of the journey.

Last year, the experience for most of us at ReTribe allowed us to keep our sanity and mental health, and the positive outlook continues to strengthen our personal growth and wellbeing.

Time of Change and Reset

We are the midst of the socio economical resets with many perceived threats and challenges.

The biggest threats for all of us is mental pollution and disconnect from the body, which affects our emotional balance and disturbs our intuition. We need awareness and equanimity.

Equanimity without awareness is blissful ignorance. Awareness without equanimity is miserable clarity.

A World that People Want to Create and Belong to

There comes a time when you must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular, but you must take it because your conscience tells you it is right, your heart tells you it is right, your intuition connects thoughts, words and actions into immediate alignment.

There comes a time when you feel that there is more to what you can see in your reality and that there must be more to life than just working for a living.


The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. To design the new Ark we may need to go to a new level of thinking and we must dream it — create it in our mind — and this is the pull that will draw us into it.

What is it about?

ReTribe’ s mission is to inspire, support and prosper through the grounding practices, creative networking, and the principles of synergy between people, practice and nature.

As we are moving into the next stage of the ReTribe evolution, there is a need to nourish the concept of a self-organized, independent communication platform to network and create a resilient community, projects, ideas, resources and gather people with a ReTribe mindset.

The Strategy

The strategy is to create a movement with a core group of members who are natural leaders within the arena of their chosen vocation -“leaders” meaning those who have the commitment and skills to ‘create a world to which people want to belong’, featuring a mindset of ”don’t ask what ReTribe can do for you, ask what you can do for ReTribe.”

Thus the leadership within the group develops through manifesting ongoing creative projects in the area of mind, body & spirit.

The initial emphasis is on practice and creativity, a process that allows deeper integration of Mind Body with Spirit on the personal level. Once we adopt our self-practice, and start the process of removing conditioning, habits of our conscience change. We create the true movement of the spirit and wisdom of the group.

Wisdom requires experiential knowledge. Experiential knowledge requires practice. So we practice. Wisdom requires the ability to improvise. Knowing when to adapt to a given situation is vital to being a wise person.

It’s not enough to have knowledge. You must know how and when to apply it. And this requires experience and practice. Wise people are made, not born.

Start conversations with a focus on the core. On the “why”. On the essence. On the purity of intention. Hold each other and our community to the very highest of standards. If we want ReTribe to a be a place that encourages people to become wise through their own work and experience, we have a responsibility to make sure we are not watering down the message to make it more acceptable or palatable or consumable by the masses. If we want to learn and teach and become wise through practice, then it is our job to facilitate that experience the best way we can. Not the most acceptable way. Or the most palatable way. Or the easiest way.

Real connected authentic relationships keep us happier and healthier. Community is the elixir of life. Loneliness is toxic. Over time, loneliness directly causes brain function declines and shorter lives (death).

It’s not the # of friends you have, it’s the quality of your relationships.

And therefore, ReTribe can extend life, heal sickness, and bring deep joy to people’s lives. So we have a responsibility to keep it clean and pure. And we nurture it. And we develop our own practices. And we protect our community, which doesn’t mean exclusion. We protect it by refusing to dilute the message. And when we feel fear or uncertainty we reach out to our community for support and guidance. If we allow the strength of the tribe to fill our hearts and bring strength to our convictions…we are bound to be successful.

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